About Me

I am a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University, getting my Masters in Public Health Nutrition. At the end of my program, I will also be a Registered Dietitian!

From as early as I can remember being able to run, there was a soccer ball at my feet. I was, am, and always will be a soccer player at heart. With my complicated life schedule, it is difficult for me to be on a team right now, so I've turned to an exercise that I can do on my own time - running - a task I used to hate that has now turned into a favorite activity. Running used to seem pointless if it wasn't for a purpose, like a sport. After giving running a solid try, it turns out, I actually love it!

Any athletic girl loves to eat. I love food and everything about it. I’ve recently been inspired to cook more, use new ingredients, try exciting new recipes, research new ideas, and learn more about cooking and food in general.

That said, I’m a runner foodie.