Who's Who

There's me, but you already knew that! You'll hear me mention my husband Bryan quite a bit. We've known each other for over 6 years and were married on 01.02.2010 (it's a numeric pallendrome!). Since then, we have grown closer every day. He's the best husband ever! He is a Urology Resident.

And then there's our awesome cat, Dimitri. I've written a few posts with funny stories about him!
Dimitri stories
Dimitri in Minnesota
Dimitri stories
Dimitri our new kitten

This is a picture of him as an itty bitty kitten.

We added him to our family in June 2010. I grew up with cats and always wanted to have one, but since Bryan is allergic to cats, I'd resigned to never have one again. That is, until I discovered that hypoallergenic cats exist! After a lot of research, I finally convinced Bryan that it was a necessary investment (hypoallergenic cats are fancy brand Siberian cats and therefore are expensive!).

We could not be happier because Dimitri is the cutest most social, loving, playful, cuddly, and funny cat ever!

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