Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dimitri Stories

For those of you who don’t know about how cool our cat Dimitri is…. I will inform you! We got him because I desperately wanted a cat, but Bryan is allergic to cats. I did some research and discovered that Siberians are a hypoallergenic breed. Bryan has had no reaction to him! We seriously love this little guy like crazy and he is the best cat ever! Siberians are known to be very energetic and athletic cats (as well as very social and lovable, but I’ll save that for later) and this past week, he discovered that he can reach new heights in our condo. The walls that divide the living room from our bedroom and the kitchen from the spare room/study do not go all the way to the ceiling. They’re about 2/3 the height and have a nice ledge on top for Dimitri to scamper along. We knew eventually that he’d probably get up there, but we had no idea when he’d actually try. We bought him a play tower that has a pedestal on top that is 6 feet tall, so I thought he would easily jump from there. He got on his hind feet and looked a few times, but never made the leap (I think because he didn’t know how safe it was or how much room he’d have to balance). 

Then, this week, he found his way up there through a shelving system in our closet and from there could wander all around at new heights. He even makes a leap from one wall to the top of our closets! What an acrobat! 

He’s enjoyed trying to jump down onto different surfaces, including our bed while we’re in it, as well as stretching all out watching TV from his stadium seat perch. 

Cats just love being up high and he’s certainly been excited to discover a new pastime that is probably more interesting than stairs at my in-law's house. He is definitely the king of the household now!

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