Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Topo Gigio and Second City

The next night my sister was in Chicago, we had plans to go shopping on Michigan Avenue, go to a nice dinner and then enjoy a comedy show at Second City. It was raining all day, so we had a leisurely morning and worked out, and wandered around Michigan while darting into bars and pubs to warm up and tasting some wine. We went to The Purple Pig, which I had been curious about for a while. It had a great ambiance inside and the wine was delicious! We also tasted some cheese and seasoned almonds which were both crazy delicious!

A bit later, we headed out to Topo Gigio, an Italian restaurant in Old Town, just north of downtown and just two blocks away from Second City. The inside was so cute. It actually felt as if we were in Italy. It smelled delicious at the door and the interior was quite cozy. The food was incredibly delicious! Brandee and I split a traditional Spaghetti Bolognese which was awesome!! I will definitely go to this restaurant again if I’m in the neighborhood or need a good Italian fix.

After dinner, we walked over to Second City to enjoy the comedy show. We have been to this comedy club only once before and had a great time, and we knew that it wouldn’t disappoint. Instead of being stand-up comedy, it’s more like sketch comedy with multiple actors in each scene. It’s cool how they all sort of tie into each other throughout the show and I also liked that a broad spectrum of topics were covered from politics and the economy to everyday life at the office. The actors are just plain hilarious. I wrote a post about Second City once here, and mentioned a lot of the big name comedians who have gone through Second City. It was a great end to a fun evening!

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