Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter in Minneapolis

This past weekend, Bryan and I went back to Minneapolis to spend Easter with his family. It was a quick little trip, but we packed the weekend with fun. We even brought Dimitri along! He is such a great little travel companion! During the car ride, he just sits and stretches out and sleeps on the passenger’s lap (usually me) the entire way and rarely makes a peep! He is so cute and cuddly! At Bryan’s parents’ house, he likes to run up and down the stairs and play on them because we don’t have stairs in our condo. He also likes to run around the house chasing squirrels and birds through the windows. Good thing he figured out how to climb on top of our walls, otherwise he’d think our place is super boring!

Friday night, we met up with our great friends and enjoyed some wine at one of their houses before going out for cocktails at the Bradstreet Crafthouse. The cocktail lounge is really chill and they have the best cocktails ever! The ice served with the drinks has unique shapes to allow for a larger surface area so that the ice melts slower and your drink doesn’t get watered down. The drinks in tumblers have large sphere ice cubes and drinks in tall skinny glasses have a rectangular column shaped ice cube. The drinks are very unique and delicious, and the small plates we ordered were fantastic! It was awesome to have a fun night with the group!

After getting up early on Saturday morning to help Bryan’s mom make this chocolate peanut butter torte for Bryan’s birthday round two, we met up with the group again for some much needed brunch. Hanging out once just isn’t enough. We hardly get to see our group of friends! We met up at Blackbird CafĂ©, which has a great neighborhood feel and friendly atmosphere (but what am I saying, we were in Minnesota where everyone is friendly). Every item on the menu looked delicious, so Bryan and I decided to go halfsies in order to try more items. The food totally hit the spot, along with the 4 cups of coffee! I know I’ll definitely be hitting this place up again soon! It was so great to have more time to catch up with our friends too. Love you guys!

Saturday night we celebrated Bryan’s birthday again (remember the whole birthday month thing?! Yeah, it’s awesome) by having a delicious dinner with his parents and brother, sister-in-law and their baby Jonah. His gift from his parents was a gift certificate to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra! If you don’t know, we are both cellists and pretty big music nerds, so this was such a great idea and much appreciated! We got on the CSO site and found quite a few concerts that we are interested in. (Oh, and by the way, we have had tickets since October to see Yo-Yo-Ma play the Schumann cello concerto with the CSO on May 14th! Super excited for that!) My birthday present actually arrived while we were there also! It was delayed on backorder for a few months, but it finally came! It’s an electric pie maker that fits four 4 inch mini pies at a time and it came with an awesome recipe book! I can’t wait to try it! Sadly, the pie creating will probably have to wait for the weekend because Bryan is working nights at his ER rotation this week and since I’m making dinner for one, my meals (if you can call them that) are usually quick, simple and eaten while watching TV or at my computer. I know, I’m lame. I mean, I’ve barely had time to keep up with my trashy reality shows due to our recent obsession of Lost that we’ve been streaming on Netflix! True story.

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to family and celebrating Easter. After the Easter service at church and eating some awesome food at Chez Daniel with more extended family, we drove back home to Chicago with our little cuddly Dimitri. It was a fast trip, but totally worth the drive! Back to the work week… and working out, more on that next!!!

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