Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cafe Iberico

As I have mentioned before, we celebrate birthdays for a few days, and sometime weeks around here, which is fun. This week, on Bryan's actual birthday, we celebrated by going to a fun restaurant that’s been on our list: Café Iberico! It’s a Spanish tapas bar that had quite a lively ambiance! It smelled delicious from the moment we opened the door, and we were not disappointed. The first cocktail we noticed on the list was the caipirinha, which we had in Brazil two summers ago, so we each ordered one right away! It is made with Brazil’s most common alcoholic beverage Cachaça, sugar and lime. Super tasty! Then we followed with red wine for the main dishes. We ordered some tostadas to start with, followed by mussels, a scallop dish and finished off with a steak dish. I was a huge fan of the mussels and the scallops! It was a really good experience, and a fun way to celebrate Bryan's birthday, but I think that overall, we preferred another tapas place that we went to last year called Café Ba Ba Reeba.

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