Saturday, May 15, 2010

Coffee: French Press

I love lazy Saturday mornings after a long work week. I sit at my laptop with my bottomless cup of coffee and catch up on emails and what's going on in the world, and let the caffeine take me to a state of relaxed alertness. We have at our disposal a plethora of ways to make coffee, and this morning I chose French press. It's so simple: add boiling water to freshly ground coffee; let it sit for five minutes; press, and voila, you have just made fancy coffee.

Isn't it funny how everyone has their own story about how they started drinking coffee? Nobody really likes it at first, but eventually, it grows on them or they become addicted. I always thought it smelled good, even when I was a little kid, but I never liked the bitter taste. It took me a long time to like coffee. I even started out on the sugary processed creations that you get at major coffee chains. Then, while living in Minneapolis, I discovered Kopplin's Coffee. They make the best latte I've ever had and their espresso is amazing! I thought it was even better than the coffee I had while in Europe. It was while spending many hours studying here that I learned that I do, in fact, like coffee. But apparently, I only like high end good quality coffee. Expensive taste has and always will be my intrinsic weakness.

Luckily my husband, who drinks way more coffee than me on a daily basis, prefers good quality coffee as well. Because of him I will always have many options to make my own fancy coffee and it will always be a bottomless cup of goodness. After drinking coffee all morning and early afternoon, what's next? A late afternoon shot of espresso. Yum!


  1. Suzi! Yes! Awesome! Thumbs up for blogging!

    Also, we have a big ol' Moka pot ( which makes ridiculously good espresso super quickly and easily. We're thinking about also getting two of the one-shot pots since Mikael has to have caffeine and my body (sadly) can't handle it. The little ones are sooooo cute, though!!!

    <3 <3 <3 the blog... can't wait to read what you have to say next!

  2. I think I started drinking coffee as a way to get caffeine in the morning without drinking those awful gas station cappucinos. I remember in high school (yes, I started "drinking" early!) I would do half coffee, half cappucino and then I just slowly progressed to all coffee. Now, I'm seriously addicted to coffee...oh well, there are worse things!

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