Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A runner and a foodie? Okay...

While my newly self proclaimed title of a runner foodie may be an accurate generalization, these two entities are not equal parts of me, but together help me have a healthy lifestyle. In fact, I will probably end up writing more about food than running. While I do like running, I love being athletic and active in order to stay healthy. This is where food comes into the picture.

I value a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating is a huge part of that. I grew up eating very healthy foods and learning why they were healthy. When I was young, I was taught that there were certain foods I could eat at certain times of the day, depending on the schedule of my soccer practice or game that day. Certain foods are digested more easily or faster than others. Certain foods were good for quick energy and others would give me long term energy. Other foods were not good for me if I were to eat too much, but were just fine in moderation. As early as I can remember being able to eat, I was taught to eat with a purpose. I learned all of these eating habits early in life and have always eaten healthily because it is what I knew. I might also add that I have a sweet tooth. I love junk food and I love bacon, and I think it is okay to eat things that are not “healthy” as long as you are smart about it. That is where running comes into the picture. Well, not just running, but being active in general. Being healthy is about living an active lifestyle and eating healthily, which are my life long aspirations. I like being unhealthy too, and that's why this blog is about anything and everything related to being a runner and a foodie.

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