Friday, July 9, 2010


Approximately four weeks ago, we got a new kitten!!! He is a Siberian and is hypoallergenic because my husband is allergic to cats. Good news: he hasn't had the slightest reaction to the new kitten, so I guess it's true that he really is hypoallergenic.

We decided, after a long debate, to give him a Russian name (since he's Siberian) and settled on Dimitri. We think it suits him well :) The breeder did a really good job raising him for 10 weeks. She started calling him Dimitri so he already knew his name by the time we got him. She did a great job of socializing him as well. He is so curious and playful!

He is also very cute and cuddly!

He also sleeps a lot. As a new kitten, he is expected to sleep around 16 hours a day. He's also quite cute when he's sleeping.

My husband claimed to hate cats prior to getting Dimitri. I think that is mostly because he was allergic to all other cats. So, the best part is that my husband absolutely LOVES Dimitri. He continues to make us laugh with his playfulness and love him more every day with his cuddles.

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