Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trottole with Marinara Sauce

After our super lazy afternoon, I felt a little better once I got to the gym. I completed a 4 mile workout on the treadmill alternating speeds and inclines each mile. I could really feel it in my legs!! I also did an arm and abs workout after the run. It felt amazing to get a really great workout in.

For dinner, we decided that it was time to break out these trottole noodles that are absolutely incredible. I mean, they do taste like any other noodle, but the shape is awesome! It's super curly and holds the sauce inside the spiral part. We used Rao's homemade marinara sauce with some lean ground beef, red and green bell pepper, baby bella mushrooms, onion, garlic and Italian seasonings. It was a delicious meal that we put together in no time at all!

I mean, check out the curl on those noodles!!! Each one is a ginormous bite and satisfied my appetite after my intense workout. We topped it with grated parmesan and served the dish with some red wine. Delicious!

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