Friday, November 11, 2011

11 things

Our lives are insanely busy these days, so here are eleven noteworthy things going on in our lives right now.

1. I’ve been given the time to blog because my flight is delayed right now.

2. Today’s date is pretty cool, 11/11/11, but not as cool as 01/02/2010, the full numeric palindrome and day that Bryan and I got married!

3. Boston trip was great!

4. Looking forward to a quick trek up to MN this weekend!

5. Looking forward to Philly next weekend!

6. Planning to prepare our very first Thanksgiving feast for friends in Chicago!

7. Looking forward to more interview trips.

8. I’ve been so frustrated and stressed about my applications that I’ve wanted to tear my hair out. I think I will survive though.

9. My foot is healing quickly with the awesome help of Dave, my physical therapist!

10. I get to see Dimitri today after a couple of days away! I miss the little fur ball!

11. I’m SO PROUD of my husband!

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