Monday, January 30, 2012

Big News - Urology Match!

Life has been very busy the past couple of weeks! There’s been lots of excitement, so I won’t delay in getting you caught up!

On the 18th, we celebrated my birthday by going to a nice dinner at an Italian place that’s been on our list to try for a while called Scoozi. The food was delicious and we had a great night! I got some awesome gifts from Bryan as well!! We kept our celebrations low key because we knew that we’d be having a big match day celebration the next week.

And now for the big news… It’s all official now so it can show up on the blog!

Time seemed to creep by while we waited for match day on the 23rd. You see, throughout the fall Bryan interviewed for urology residencies all over the country and we compiled his rank list of these programs and submitted it on January 5th. The 2 ½ week wait took forever and the weekend just before was agonizing! We tried to keep ourselves busy during this time, but we just couldn’t wait to find out where we would be going!

On Monday morning, the 23rd, we found out that he matched at his first choice, Cleveland Clinic! He is so happy that he will have the opportunity to train at one of the best urology programs in the country! Additionally, I will be going back to school for a masters in nutrition this fall. I was accepted at Case Western Reserve University back in December!  We are both extremely excited for this new chapter in our lives!

Bryan has been so on top of things in the past week! He found us a realtor and a mortgage broker and we have an appointment set to go house hunting in Cleveland in 2 weeks! So exciting!!

Thanks everyone for your love and support during this time of our lives! We couldn’t have done it without you!

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