Sunday, May 27, 2012

Patio Project Day 3

Well, after a long day of shoveling and hauling, one hole is dug out and the other is filled! We are completely exhausted. We are ahead of schedule on this project, so we are very glad that tomorrow will be a lighter day. All we have to do is level the base and make sure the edges are straight and where we need them to be.

 That is one beautiful hole. 11x16 and 6 inches deep.

We are very lucky to have a great neighbor who has a friend with a rototiller that we could borrow for the day. All the dirt we transferred was rototilled (by our awesome neighbor!) as well as the hole we dug out. This made everything so much easier! It's so satisfying to see such progress in one day! Since this is a very short week for us here, we'll start laying the patio next week after Bryan's graduation!