Monday, September 3, 2012

Biker Babe

I got a new bike this weekend!!

Bryan and I have been thinking about getting me a road bike for many years now, but it always seemed to be placed on the "back burner" due to many other pressing items that need to be done and only doing what our budget could allow at that time. The time finally came where I needed to get a bike out of necessity to ride to school. I had quite a hard time obtaining a parking permit at school, so we decided that I would be a bike commuter. We searched far and wide on Craigslist and Ebay, but lost out on some opportunities quickly. Bryan found a great bike shop in a nearby suburb that was having a sale last weekend, so we took advantage of that! The bike had to be ordered in and built at the shop.

Meanwhile, I got lucky and got off the extensive wait list for parking at the lot that is close to where I need to be on campus! Parking is super expensive, but it's totally worth it to me (especially when the weather is crappy!).

So, it turns out, I have parking at school AND was able to pick up my new bike this weekend! The bike will just be for fun rides and exercise rather than commuting! Much more enticing :)

I haven't ridden a bicycle since I was about 10, and it was my 21 speed mountain bike that I would ride in the hills I grew up in. I would ride on gravel, trails and go off jumps and have a grand ole time. I've never ridden a road bike, so I asked Bryan to go on the first ride with me, and show me how to have street smarts and teach me a few things. Oh, and I'm waiting to get actual biking shoes until I'm comfortable with my feet in the cages on the pedals.

Today, we went on a 20 mile ride out one of the main biker friendly streets and after a few miles, we were on pretty quiet roads that went through rolling hills and along beautiful tree lines. It was great!! I loved it and will be going on many more rides when I have time!!