Thursday, October 25, 2012

Midterms/Fall Break

I successfully made it though my first midterms week of graduate school last week! I'm happy to report that the tests went well!! Dimitri helped me study:

A lot!

Our Fall Break was last weekend and was just a short 4 day weekend, but I really needed it! Bryan had to work 3 of the 4 days I was off (late nights too!), so I had plenty of time to myself, which is nice sometimes. I didn't do any schoolwork! I used my time to finish the Stephen King novel I was reading, 11/22/63 (it was really good, if anyone is looking for a long read!!), sleep, work for my job, run, bake, and cook!! Yes, you'll see some upcoming posts regarding some of these activities!

Bring on the rest of the semester!