Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Girls Breakfast Date

Last week I met up with my bestie, Lucy, for a wonderful breakfast date. She suggested we go to Walker Brothers Pancake House in Evanston, IL. She said it has the best brunch food she's ever had, and I just had to check it out. Boy, was she right! The menu looked incredible!

Lucy has been really wanting to try the infamous Apple Pancake, so we decided that must happen. At least one of us needed to order that so the other could try it. But, the problem with ordering only pancakes at a brunch place is that you only satisfy your sweet craving. But what about the savory craving? Well, it's a good thing we think exactly alike. Lucy and I both really love our eggs and bacon at breakfast, so we promptly decided that one of us should order sweet and the other should order savory and we'll split both dishes. YES - it's perfect.

We decided the other dish to split should be the Venicia Benedict. This was not your normal eggs benedict, but it was super fancied up. And it was absolutely incredible. It included poached eggs with fresh sauteed spinach, mushrooms, and bacon on a wheat English muffin served with fresh fruit on the side. I like to order the eggs benedict from restaurants as a standard on which to base my opinion on the restaurant. And these were the BEST eggs benedict that I've EVER had! MMM! The apple pancake was also incredible! It was basically the insides of an apple pie woven with pastry dough and baked with a cinnamon glaze to create a ginormous plate of gooey, caramely goodness. It was still bubbling from the oven when it was served! It was enormous, and sinfully delicious!

We also enjoyed the bottomless coffee and we had a great girly date as well :) I love you Lucy!

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