Sunday, September 12, 2010

Date DAY in Chicago

We have been so busy lately that it has taken me two weeks to post about this wonderful day that my husband and I had together. Since my husband now has more of a realistic schedule, it has been easier to go on dates and hang out more regularly!

It was a wonderful summer morning and we got up and went for a run together along the river to the lake, one of our favorite routes because it's along the water the whole way. After working up an appetite, we made a big pancake breakfast with bacon and smoothies. A favorite around here!

We had some time to kill before heading to his cousin's going away party, so we decided to just walk around the area. It was quite hot out, so we stopped at the French Market across the street to get some gelato. YUM!! (This market is so cool, I'm sure one day I'll write an entire post about it!) It was relaxing to just wander around our city neighborhood and nibble the creamy and fruity goodness.

As we were wandering, we remembered that the wine shop nearby has free tastings every Saturday afternoon. Just Grapes is a very modern wine shop with many rows of wine! The people working were super nice and very helpful. It was also fun to see people come in who were clearly regulars. All I could think was, we buy a lot of wine, so wouldn't it be nice to have a regular place to go where people know what kind of wine we like and can recommend new ones or promote awesome deals? Yes! However, we have to watch the budget, so I think we'll try to make it a semi-regular thing to stop by for the free tasting and maybe get a bottle of wine every now and then :)

Later, after the going-away party, we got to our dinner plans. I had a Living Social (similar to Groupon) deal at a restaurant called One. Six One. I was interested in going to this restaurant because their philosophy is all about balance and sustainability, their menu looked great, and they got pretty good reviews on Yelp. This restaurant just opened in late July, so I wasn't expecting too much, but I was pretty impressed! The owner even came out and welcomed us! We sat outside on the patio among the tiki torches and candles. And the food was excellent! I think this restaurant is going to become very popular in just a short time. It was a great dinner and it was fun to check out a new area of the city, Little Italy.

I love exploring this city! There are so many adventures around every corner! It was a day of great dates!

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