Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I need some inspiration.

Since Thanksgiving, I have not been able to run due to lack of enthusiasm. Granted, we were on vacation with lots of friends and family around and tend to book our schedules full up. So, I can understand that I took a few days off. However, this is a new week and I have yet to work out. My excuse: I only have time to work out before work, which means I must get up when it is still dark and our condo is cold and I just want to keep sleeping. Monday morning I decided that since we got home so late from the drive back that it was okay to slack that day. Today, Tuesday, I decided that I could use the extra hour of sleep because I hadn't slept very well due to the dryer buzzing really late, Dimitri waking me up at 4am, and then Bryan's alarm going off at 4:45am. Well, here's what I've decided this evening - there are NO EXCUSES! Tomorrow morning it's gonna happen!

Where can I find inspiration? From myself in this case. Do you ever read running blogs and wish you could do all the workouts they do? Well, I think I took these upcoming photos for that very reason. I wish I had the inspiration I had on Thanksgiving morning. I went running in Minneapolis, MN and there were 2 inches of snow, not a cloud in the sky, and it was a lovely 6 degrees. I cranked up the music and headed on out! I was actually pretty warm, except my legs. They almost froze off. Next time I'll need to be better prepared with some warm running pants.
I wasn't even the only person running that morning! Look at all those foot prints!
Minnehaha Creek, on the way to Lake Nokomis
Made it to the lake! It wasn't as far away as I remembered it! Or maybe, I'm getting into better shape. I like that option better! After this photo, I realized that my legs were quite cold and there was a moment when I realized that I needed to turn back now before they got to be very cold. I ran back home as fast as my cold legs would carry me (which after about a half a a mile, they felt like they were dragging). Eventually I made it back, stretched, and took a nice warm shower. Totally worth it!

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  1. I have the same problem...if I don't work out in the morning, I won't have time after work. It's so hard to motivate myself but you're right - it's always worth it afterwards! We will have to go out for a couple of runs together up at the cabin in a few weeks!