Sunday, May 8, 2011

Taco Salad

Did everyone have a good Cinco de Mayo? We had a pretty chill day around here. Bryan was working nights at the ER, so he would sleep during the day and wake up in the evening.

With the weird week’s schedule and the fact that we were already in our sweatpants (hey, it was my day off!), we didn’t feel like going anywhere for dinner to celebrate the holiday. We felt like eating something light, so we decided to make our first batch of taco salad of the year! It’s a great dish that Bryan grew up with, and we’ve tweaked it a little bit. It’s really easy to throw together, and you can throw in some extra veggies you have laying around if you like to add more nutrients and crunch!

We combined a head of romaine, 2 tomatoes (cubed), 1 avocado (cubed), 1 can black beans, shredded cheese, and browned ground beef and taco seasoning sautéed with about a quarter of a chopped red onion. Then, I combined the sauce: mayo, ketchup, and hot sauce! This is totally a guessing game, and I usually mix to taste, but it’s super easy and I like to make it spicy. Then, mix it all together so that everything gets some sauce on it. You can either break up tortilla chips and mix them right on in if you’re planning on eating the whole batch, or if you’re planning on having leftovers (like we usually do), then I prefer to serve it on top of a plate of crushed tortilla chips so that the chips don’t get soggy. We use multigrain chips, and they are delicious!

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