Tuesday, February 28, 2012

House Hunting Round 2

This past weekend Bryan and I drove back to Cleveland to continue the search for our new house. As I mentioned before, we made an offer on a house and it was accepted by the seller! We had an inspection on that house scheduled this past weekend, and we also planned to see more houses to keep our options open since we knew of some large question marks on that house. We ended up walking away from that deal and are in the process of pursuing another house. Exciting times!

While we were in Cleveland this weekend, we had some time to ourselves to try some of the local establishments. So far we've tried a wine bar, a pizza place (the best ever!) and a Mexican restaurant all nearby the area that we are looking for houses. We are excited to live in this fun area with lots of restaurants and shops to explore!

On these long drives back and forth from Chicago to Cleveland, we've been thinking about the fact that we're moving away from a large city filled with excitement and things to do around every corner to a smaller city where we will have a different experience. While we are very excited about this move, we are realizing that it's going to be a pretty big change! No longer will we live in a fun destination city, but we are excited to discover all that Cleveland has to offer.

This was evident on the drive home where we saw airplane tails criss-crossing all over the sky. We're moving to "flyover country." At least the sunsets are beautiful!

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