Thursday, March 15, 2012

House Hunting Round 3

We went back to Cleveland yet again this past weekend! This time we went for a home inspection on the second house we were pursuing. The inspection went well and we have begun to move forward with this house! We totally love the house and it was really fun to start thinking of where we would place furniture and what projects we'll start with first. We are beyond excited! Moving day is at the start of May will be here before we know it! 

Would you like a glimpse of our new kitchen? I love it! We'll get some stools for the breakfast bar :) I really like how the kitchen is open to the dining room because we love hosting!

In other news: Tomorrow is Match Day for all the 4th year medical students! I'm SO happy Bryan is doing urology and matched early (sorry friends). The anticipation of waiting so long would do me in! Bryan and I are excited to go up to this school tomorrow for the official Match celebrations and find out where all of our friends will be going. It's sad that the majority of our friends will be leaving the Chicago area; but on the bright side, we'll have plenty of locations to visit all over the country in the next few years!

If anyone is looking for a festive cocktail for St. Patty's festivities this weekend, check out my Green Cosmo!!

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