Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One semester down, Two to go!!!

Exciting news! This girl is officially done with finals! My first semester of graduate school is complete! It was interesting, stimulating, invigorating, frustrating at times, but very enriching and rewarding. I'm so glad that I'm finally learning what I want to learn and working towards my dream career.

Now that busy school life is over, I thought I'd have some free time on my hands. I was so wrong! There is so much to do! I've been busy with cooking, baking, hanging out with friends, cleaning, running errands, working a lot (since I cut back on hours during finals), and preparing for Christmas! At least it's fun busy!

So, you know what this means - blog post marathon comin' up! Stay tuned! Oh, and that pic of Dimitri is just to make you smile :)