Saturday, October 30, 2010


I made falafels from scratch for the first time! We had our neighbors over for dinner, and one of them is a vegetarian and loves falafels. Talk about pressure! Okay okay, I did it to myself my suggesting the idea anyway. But, I was very excited to give it a try. It turns out, these suckers are actually pretty easy if you have a food processor! One of the reviews I read said to use half chickpeas and half fava beans, and that the canned stuff was crap. I disagree. I used canned chickpeas, and they were delicious! Another reviewer said to try to leave the mixture a little chunky for some texture in the falafel. However, I found this very hard to do. Once you get all the ingredients processed, you have to add flour bit by bit until the mixture stops sticking to your fingers. In order to do this, you have to keep mixing it in the processor. I doubled the recipe for the 4 of us, and we ended up with leftovers (which is fine by me!). The recipe also says to make the falafels into walnut sized balls. However, all the falafels I’ve had have been about golf ball sized, so that’s what I had Bryan do. Thanks to Bryan for frying these suckers up to perfection! We used peanut oil for the fryin'. We served them with pita, diced tomatoes, onions and green bell peppers, tzatziki sauce and tahini sauce with a side of cous cous topped with parsley, basil, and mint. I’d also like to make a shout out to Kristy for making the baked kale and edamame! Here's the recipe for the falafels. They were a HUGE success!! Try them yourself!


  1. Marc and I looooove falafel! This looks great! Did your friend make kale chips?? Love those too :)

  2. Suze, these look AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I bet they were mega tasty. Love you!!! SO impressed with all the fanschy cooking you've been doing!