Friday, October 8, 2010

Training for a 15K

That's right! When I ran the Rock and Roll half marathon, I realized that I now love running. But, I didn't want to conquer another half marathon right away. Luckily enough, some friends mentioned they were going to run a 15K, which is 9.3 miles. That distance sounded just perfect to me. Not only that, but the race is called the Hot Chocolate! Perfect for a fall run! At the end of the race, there is going to be a huge tent with chocolate everything inside!

Last weekend, I was out on one of my long distance runs, and saw the cutest thing. There was a mom with her two daughters, and they were all pushing strollers. I thought, how cute, their girls want to be like their mom and have a stroller with a baby too! Nope, once I passed them I noticed gigantic pumpkins in all three strollers! How cute! In Chicago, you use whatever you can to get your produce home!

I think that is when my pumpkin obsession started this fall.

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