Saturday, February 26, 2011

Best Tuna Melt Ever

On Thursday, Bryan had the day off to study for his Internal Medicine shelf that he would take on Friday morning. I have every Thursday off, so it was nice to have a day together. However, I didn't see him practically all day because he was so studious, and I tried to keep myself busy and quiet so that I don't bother him. For the scheduled 20 minute lunch break, I made the best tuna sandwich ever served with a side of organic tomato soup. I make tuna sandwiches often, and have been tweaking the recipe a little bit each time. I think it's now perfect! As you'll be able to tell from my description, it's very... accurate... so I usually add a few ingredients at a time and taste it as I go. I start with a can of tuna and drain off the water and put it in a medium sized bowl. Add a small spoonful of mayo. Drizzle on some hot sauce and stir together. Add some diced onions. Add the following spices: Italian seasoning, Savory seasoning (got it at a spice shop), parsley, oregano, celery seed, garlic powder, a little red pepper flakes and ground black pepper. The celery seed is definitely the secret ingredient. If I have celery on hand, I'll dice and throw some in there and omit the celery seed. Grill up on a flat skillet with cheese and sliced tomato. It's always a very quick and DELICIOUS lunch!!

Oh, and Bryan survived his exam and felt pretty good about it and even got our taxes done in the afternoon!!

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