Sunday, July 29, 2012


While I was going back through blog posts - I realized that I started this post back in June, but never actually finished it!! Major fail. Well, better late than never! Here's a quick recap of our amazing trip to Alaska with Bryan's family.

In early June, Bryan and I had the privilege of going to Alaska with his family, including his parents, brother and sister-in-law and their 2 year old son! We flew into Vancouver, Canada and had fun experiencing the city for a day and a half! I LOVED Vancouver and would like to go back one day! It was such a diverse city; I felt like I was in Europe and Asia at the same time!

We got on the ship on Saturday afternoon for a weeklong cruise up the coast of Alaska!

There are simply just too many photos (literally hundreds) to post on the ol' blog - so here are a few favorites. (After combining all the family photos at the end of our trip, it got a little tricky to figure out which ones were originally ours in a couple cases. Minus a few "family" photos that were obviously not our photos, I do believe I picked our original photos seen below, but I know there were a couple that I questioned. Thanks to the wonderful photographers in the family for taking awesome photos too!!)

 Downtown Vancouver, Canada

 "Sea Kayaking" excursion with Bryan

 It was very chilly!

 Helicopter ride up to Mendenhall Glacier, Juneau, Alaska

 Photo credit: Walt Hinck

"Bike and Brew" excursion around Mendenhall Lake, Juneau, Alaska.

 Enjoying the view with my sister-in-law!

 Beautiful glaciers everywhere!

 Evening reading

 Beautiful views EVERYWHERE!

 Our nephew! (This was around 9pm at night!)

 Uncle B!

 Beautiful late night sunset!

The sun finally setting on our last night on the boat (around midnight!) 

This trip was such an amazing experience for both Bryan and me. We had a wonderful time, felt so blessed and lucky to have a wonderful family to spend it with, and are so thankful for the opportunity to go along! Thanks to the Hinck Parents for such an amazing trip!