Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Headlands Beach State Park

Last weekend, my friend Sarah came to visit from Minneapolis! We did SO MANY things that each should really have a blog post of their own, but I'm plagued with the fact that I forgot my camera practically every day. I can't wait to get a new iPhone (this fall when the iPhone 5 comes out!!!) that actually takes nice pictures and I can actually use it on a daily basis.

Some highlights:

We saw the new movie To Rome With Love. It's a Woody Allen film, so it's not your typical chick flick. But it was pretty good! The movie follows various love stories taking place in Rome and it was witty and cute!

We went to the West Side Market. This I will need to do an actual post on, because it was simply amazing! It's a market on Cleveland's west side close to downtown that is just huge. It's open daily, so I hope to make it there again soon to stock up on some good meats, which have proven to be hard to find here.

We went to historic Chagrin Falls. It's a cute little village about a half an hour drive away that provides great scenery, good restaurants, and cute little boutiques all on one main street that is about 4 blocks long. There was a small farmer's market set up near the main street that we explored. Many of the restaurants and shops were closed because it was Sunday. What?! I've been before when they were all open, and it was very fun!

We went to Headlands Beach State Park. On a sunny day, we headed up to the beach. It was beautiful!!

We had a great time on E 4th St. This is a brick-laid pedestrian street filled with restaurants and fun places to go!

We also enjoyed many restaurants, which will need to get posts of their own when I go again: Dewey's, Taste, West Side Market Cafe Restaurant, Zocalo, and Chinato.

Thanks Sarah for coming to visit!! It was a great time!