Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Hilarities Comedy Club at Pickwick and Frolic Restaurant and Club

This past weekend, my friend Lucy came to visit from Chicago!!!! Even though she was only able to come for a couple of days, we jam-packed the time with fun things!!

Besides lovely chats over lots of coffee, late night games, and making huge delicious breakfasts, we had time to try some new things too!

We went to Hilarities Comedy Club. Cleveland Clinic often offers discounts on cool events going on in the area and I happened to snag tickets to this comedy club for a cheap price - and it was perfect timing that Lucy was coming to visit! After seeing the first two opening acts of stand up comedy (which were very good!), we had the pleasure of seeing Craig Robinson as the feature stand up comedian (you may know him as Darryl from The Office)! It was pretty cool to see him in real life! His type of stand up was new to me - he did his whole act using a keyboard and each bit had a musical aspect to it. It was a really fun evening!

We went to Blossom. Throughout the summer, the Cleveland Orchestra plays concerts in an outdoor amphitheater out in the suburbs. It's great to get lawn tickets and bring a picnic of snacks and wine and enjoy the orchestra with a group of friends on a blanket. The weather was perfect and the concert was great! Overall, it was awesome, and I think Bryan and I will be going often this summer! I'm sure many whole posts will be dedicated to going to orchestra concerts at Blossom in the near future!

We went to an Indians game. I'm not that huge of a baseball fan, but I'm all for hanging out with friends, eating hot dogs and drinking beer at a baseball game! The Indians lost, so I heard. It was a fun time though!

Lucy had to leave after the game, but it was so great to have her here!! Thanks for coming to visit Lucy!!!!!