Sunday, June 26, 2011

De Cero

Bryan and I had an awesome date on Friday night! Since it's his last weekend in Chicago this summer (he'll be gone for 2 month-long consecutive rotations), we decided that we should probably have a couple of dates!!

We decided that it was time we checked out De Cero, a Mexican place near us. We thought there would be a long wait considering it was Friday night, but we were seated right away and had our drinks ordered in minutes. He had a Malbec and I enjoyed the guava margarita. We also split an order of guacamole, which was so good we downed it before we knew it!! Bryan ordered the grilled steak torta sandwich and I ordered the carne asada. Both were insanely delicious! My dish even had bacon pinto beans!! MMM! Bacon makes everything better! I was surprised that the prices were pretty reasonable as well! I think we both agreed that we'll have to eat here again very soon!

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