Sunday, June 26, 2011

Long Run Sunday

As I mentioned before, half and full marathon training is under way!! Unfortunately, I miscalculated the weeks and discovered that I'm behind on my training! Oops.

Regardless, I needed to do a long run today and I've decided to alter my training just a bit so that I can "catch up" which means I'll just have to get into shape a little faster to start with. Today I ran 10 miles along the Lake Front Trail in Chicago and the weather was beautiful!

Yesterday I ran 5 miles at race pace and felt great, but my legs were feeling it this morning. I started out the first 2 miles really slow on purpose so that I didn't overextend myself too early in the run. I think I was trucking along at about 11-12 minute miles. No joke. But it felt good to loosen up my legs - and not think about how far I had yet to go! I really surprised myself on my overall time though, about 1 hour and 50 minutes that included a 8-10 minute break at mile 5 (the turn around point) where I ate some Gu Chomps, got a rock out of my shoe and snapped some photos. I felt like a champ and ran on back home and actually increased my pace on the way back!

The view from Diversey, the turn around point for today

The thing about running along the Lake Front Path is that you can see how far you need to go, and it just doesn't seem to get closer! I just had to stop thinking about how far I had to go, and just enjoy the run. It was fun people watching with all the beach-goers and volley ball players. There was a big accident on Lake Shore Drive, with a taxi of course. And because of the Pride Parade, traffic was all around horrible. I flew by those cars!

 View from Fullerton

The Hancock

There we go, a little closer now!

Overall, this was a good run for me today. I'm feeling confident that I'll be able to keep up with the training as it should have been scheduled!

PS - Did anyone else hear about The Hungry Runner Girl's workout clothes giveaway? Check it out :)

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