Sunday, June 12, 2011

Half and Full Marathon Training Has Begun!!!

I spent this past week in Ann Arbor, Michigan training for a new position through my job. The training went well, I met a lot of people in person that I had only spoken to on the phone up until this point, and I got to spend some time bumming around downtown Ann Arbor which is a very cute little town!

Bryan and I were incredibly lucky to BOTH land 3 day weekends starting on Friday. I had worked my full workweek Monday - Thursday and he didn't have to go in to clinic, so we had a great relaxing and lazy Friday. We did actually get a lot of things done too so that we could have the weekend to relax even more. It turns out that we had no idea how tired we were until we unexpectedly slept 12 hours Friday night. I guess we needed the rest from the busy week!

Saturday, we spent the morning at the Lincoln Park Farmers Market!! We loaded up on some great produce (including rhubarb which I'm going to use this evening to make mini rhubarb pies! I'll post the recipe this week) and really enjoyed ourselves, even though the weather was not the greatest.

We spent the afternoon with our friend Jen at the Wells Street Art Festival, which was awesome!! We've really been wanting some cool Chicago themed art since we've moved here, and if only we had hundreds and hundreds of dollars to spend on it! Oh well, maybe someday we'll get one piece. There were some great artists there who had their work displayed and it was just fun to walk around and see so much variety and talent. We also got to try some great food! There's no way you can walk around any festival in Chicago and not try some food. It's a must do!

This week also marked the official start of my half AND full marathon training! I've been running somewhat regularly lately, so this week didn't really feel any different to me. I did do a longer run of 5 miles today. I felt great the whole time and my finishing time was decent too. I'm hoping I can really stay on top of my training so I can rock each race!!

We're gearing up for the rest of this week: Bryan's last week of 3rd year and going back to Minnesota for one of my best friend's wedding next weekend! Exciting!

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