Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fourteen in Minneapolis!

Happy 4th of July weekend!!! We're in Minneapolis visiting family and friends this weekend. It's a special weekend because our nephew and godson is having his 1st birthday! Crazy how fast the time flies by.

This morning I ran 14 miles in this beautiful city. I've only ran as far as a half marathon, so this was a new distance record for me and I'd call it a success! Sorry no pictures - my iPhone was acting up. I think it was the heat or humidity that caused it to malfunction - it's never done that before.

This run was very challenging for the following reasons:
1. It was HOT!!! It was in the 80s this morning, although I'm glad it wasn't in the 90's like yesterday.
2. There were hardly any water stops or drinking fountains along the running path. In Chicago, I'm used to them every mile or even more often in some places. There were only three and I needed way more than that! I mean, I do appreciate that Minneapolis is such a clean city. There were trash cans AND recycling bins every quarter mile it seemed! Since Minneapolis was ranked #1 for the most active city (seen at this site), they should definitely put some more drinking fountains on one of the most popular running paths in the city!!!
3. I got lost for about 20 minutes around mile 4... which totally ruined my time. So after I got back on track (and accidentally adding to my distance), I just decided to run well, not worry about the time, and just enjoy sweating my ass off.

This run was awesome for the following reasons:
1. No major aches or pains! That's a huge success to me!
2. Despite the 20 minute getting lost detour and the 5 minute break where Bryan met me to give me a Clif Shot and Clif Blocks since I forgot to get some ahead of time, my time was actually decent considering I the hotness and lack of water.
3. Luckily, much of my run was in the shade!
4. Minneapolis is so beautiful and full of nice people that the run was just fun!

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