Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mac Lion Operation System!

My blog is still taking a backseat to my life, until I can get a new computer. Thank you Apple for finally releasing the new Lion operating system!!! I’ve been desperate and checking websites for updates on the Macbook for months! This purchase will likely be made this weekend or next week! Actually, I think Bryan will end up getting one for me in Minneapolis since sales taxes are so much cheaper there than Chicago. Here, the tax rate is currently 10.25% and is the highest rate in the US. You can’t get away from sales tax on small everyday items, but when we decide to make large purchases, the added 10.25% really adds up! Therefore, we tend to wait and buy these certain items in Minneapolis since we get back there so often. Sometimes I think that Minneapolis = shopping, which means I’m always happy to go back :)

Another example of this is when I was wedding dress shopping! I purposely went shopping for it in Minnesota where there is NO sales tax on clothing items! Ten percent is a lot when it comes to the cost of a wedding dress, and I definitely wanted to save all the money I could on that purchase!

Now, if only I can find an affordable camera, my blog will be up and running in no time! I'll keep you posted when I get a new laptop!!

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