Sunday, July 31, 2011

19 miles in Chicago

Today I ran 19 miles for my marathon training! It was long and hard, but I did it!!!

I completed my run in the evening so that I could spend time with Bryan this morning before he went to Cleveland. I waited until just before 5pm so that the temperature would decrease as I ran. It was actually pretty pleasant out compared to many recent runs!

My long run last week was extremely difficult and I hit a major wall with 3 miles left to go. I could not finish and it was miserable. I was determined to not let that happen again! With these long runs that I've been doing, I've discovered that I'm a very salty sweater! Anytime after mile 10, if I rub my arms or legs, they have a thin layer of exfoliation (solidified salt crystals from sweat) all over my skin. When I do these long runs, the salt builds up so much and that means that my body is totally depleted of electrolytes and that is the very reason why I bonked and hit a wall last week. This week I tried Nuun tabs (electrolyte tabs) that dissolve in water and I was thoroughly impressed! My legs got tired near the end of my run, yes, but the rest of my body felt great, which I had not yet experienced after 14 miles yet. What a nice feeling knowing that you have the mental energy to keep going, even if your legs are killing you!

The majority of my run was along the lakefront and it was a beautiful evening for a run! After I came home, I enjoyed leftovers from our date night at Market last night. MMM! Good food in my belly! Now I'm sitting with my compression socks on and taking intermittent breaks to massage my legs with my stick!!!

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