Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pizza Farm and a Surprise Proposal!

One of the most memorable parts of my trip to Minnesota last week was going to A to Z Produce (Aka, Pizza Farm) to help celebrate the engagement of some of our best friends! The pizza farm is set about an hour and a half southeast of the Twin Cities, in Wisconsin. It is a normal family farm that they so graciously open up to the public on Tuesdays during the summer months. They grow all the produce on the farm to make the pizzas and make them from scratch on the spot! The idea is that you arrive early, put in your order for one of the pizzas they have on their weekly menu depending on what produce they have, and you expect to wait a good hour to hour and a half for your pizza. The crowd was pushing 400 people, so it's no wonder the wait is so long. You are expected to bring your own setup including blankets, side dishes, plates, utensils, drinks and some people even go fancy with tables and centerpieces! While you wait for your pizza, people generally socialize, play games and explore the farm a bit. BTW, I took all these photos from Facebook, since I didn't take any photos while I was there, and these are just perfect :) They were taken by Rob and Sarah's friend Josh Anderson who is an awesome photographer (check out his website here)!

It's absolutely gorgeous!

Our group of friends had received an email titled "A Top Secret Proposition" that detailed the night's events. Sarah thought she had planned a date night for her and Rob. What she did not know is that Rob had already planned the night at the pizza farm before she even suggested a date night there! They would go early for a date night, Rob would propose, he had a secret code with the owner to order a bunch of pizzas for the group of us coming, and we would all show up an hour later for an impromptu engagement celebration! How exciting!

The plan worked stunningly! Just look at the expression on her face when people showed up! Rob even sent the email to both of their sets of parents who drove many hours for the occasion!

That's me!!

I arrived with a friend (Bryan was stuck in a very long surgery and couldn't make it) a little late to find the happily engaged couple just glowing and surrounded by all of our wonderful friends. They literally could not stop smiling! It was so adorable and I'm incredibly excited for these two!!!

Love you Sarah and Rob!

What a happy night :)

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